dgl.save_graphs(filename, g_list, labels=None)[source]

Save graphs and optionally their labels to file.

Besides saving to local files, DGL supports writing the graphs directly to S3 (by providing a "s3://..." path) or to HDFS (by providing "hdfs://..." a path).

The function saves both the graph structure and node/edge features to file in DGL’s own binary format. For graph-level features, pass them via the labels argument.

  • filename (str) – The file name to store the graphs and labels.

  • g_list (list) – The graphs to be saved.

  • labels (dict[str, Tensor]) – labels should be dict of tensors, with str as keys


>>> import dgl
>>> import torch as th

Create DGLGraph objects and initialize node and edge features.

>>> g1 = dgl.graph(([0, 1, 2], [1, 2, 3]))
>>> g2 = dgl.graph(([0, 2], [2, 3]))
>>> g2.edata["e"] = th.ones(2, 4)

Save Graphs into file

>>> from dgl.data.utils import save_graphs
>>> graph_labels = {"glabel": th.tensor([0, 1])}
>>> save_graphs("./data.bin", [g1, g2], graph_labels)

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